Convert Nikon 4K videos to MPEG-2 MPG, Edit Nikon A900 UDH 4K video in EDIUS Pro

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Convert Nikon 4K videos to MPEG-2 MPG, Edit Nikon A900 UDH 4K video in EDIUS Pro

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The Nikon Coolpix A900 is a slim long zoom compact camera that fits comfortably into any user's pocket. While the Nikon A900 may be small, it packs an amazing 35x Optical Zoom NIKKOR glass lens (70x with Dynamic Fine Zoom) that helps reach far away subjects. Supported by a 20-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor that renders amazing quality and detail, users can also capture 4K UHD video at 30p; an impressive feature set for such a lightweight and pocketable compact camera.

Though EDIUS Pro has built-in features that allow users to edit 4K videos on even the most anemic of systems. You will have to install a Video Converter to your computer so that it can transform the video to a compatible form with either Windows or Mac depending on what you are using. With a powerful 4K Video Converter, you will be able to convert Nikon Coolpix A900 4K videos to EDIUS supported formats for editing.

UFUWare HD Video Converter for Mac is a professional 4K Video to EDIUS Converter. With it, you can convert your Nikon Coolpix A900 4K video to EDIUS Pro editable MPEG-2 for smooth editing. Besides, this powerful 4K video converter can also convert various video to EDIUS, FCP, FCE, iMovie, Avid Media Composer Adobe Premiere Pro CC/CS, Sony Vegas Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc supported formats for editing.


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Edit Nikon Coolpix A900 4K UHD videos in EDIUS Pro on Mac

1.Install and launch the 4K Video Converter as the Nikon A900 to EDIUS Converter on your Mac. Click the "Add File" button to import Nikon A900 4K UHD videos to it. You can also click "Add from folder" button to import several 4K UHD video files to the converter at one time.

2. Click "Profile" bar and choose "Adobe Premeiere/Sony Vegas > MPEG-2 Video(*.mpg)" as EDIUS Pro compatible format for editing Nikon A900 4K video files in EDIUS smoothly.

3. Click on the "Convert" button to convert Nikon A900 4K video to MPEG-2 MPG for EDIUS on Mac.

After the Nikon A900 4K video to MPG conversion process is finished, you can click "Open Folder" button to get the generated MPEG-2 .mpg files. Then transfer the converted Nikon Coolpix A900 4K UHD videos to EDIUS Pro for native editing on Mac OS(Sierra, El Capitan, etc).

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