Device Id not in list (WD My Passport 4TB)

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Device Id not in list (WD My Passport 4TB)


I just bought an external HDD (USB) - Western Digital's "My Passport" 4TB

It is not on "Smartmontools USB Device Support" and "List of USB ID's" lists
so I'm posting it's data:


ID 1058:25e2 Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

As with other Passports, looks like they use SAT so I managed to fetch S.M.A.R.T.
data with:

sudo smartctl -d sat -a <device>

I think this series also can have other product ids - there is a line in file
/Extras/Version.xml (original file in attachments):

  <PIDs> 0x25E1,0x25E2,0x25E7,0x25E8</PIDs>

But probably it is of no use as for now.
Also there are various tool outputs in attachments.
Just in case, official page is https://www.wdc.com/products/portable-storage/my-passport.html

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WDMyPassport4TB-hdparm-I (3K) Download Attachment
WDMyPassport4TB-lshw (1K) Download Attachment
WDMyPassport4TB-lsusb (2K) Download Attachment
WDMyPassport4TB-smartctl-a (3K) Download Attachment
WDMyPassport4TB-Version.xml (764 bytes) Download Attachment