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Excessive hard disk head parking


Greetings to any readers.

I wonder if someone can give me some insight into a problem that Smartmontools hard disk utilities might help with.

I have an HP pavilion notebook with windows vista 32bit and a 120mb Western digital Scorpio hard drive. My problem is that it clicks relentlessly, every 20 to 60 seconds. It sounds exactly as if the heads are parking themselves over and over again.

The sound is driving me absolutely mad. I work in a quiet room, and it is like Chinese torture. I have tried HP and Western Digital customer service, but neither is remotely capable of addressing it since it is not part of their tech support protocol. They just replace hard drives but this will not solve the problem. I know this because I have already had hard drives replaced, and the same problem has existed in several drives, even from different manufacturers.

I posted this issue on a computer forum found here


One person responded with a link to some downloads, regarding hparm, and settings to change the disk power management settings.

I would like to use this utility to change the settings, but frankly, I am not computer savvy at all. I am strictly a basic user. I have a few questions.

Will the utility allow me to get the hard drive to stop parking its heads every 20 seconds? Will it work with vista 32? How difficult will it be for me to perform this download and operate it? If Smartmontools is the right answer, what exactly should I download?

Any other insight would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


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