How to Play VOB Files on TV Easily

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How to Play VOB Files on TV Easily

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How to Play VOB Files on TV Easily

VOB is not a TV supported video formats. If you want to play VOB files on TV, you have to convert VOB to TV compatible video formats first.

Can TV play VOB files?

Like MP4 and AVI, VOB is also a container format and as a container format VOB has the power to hold all kinds of video codecs, audio codecs, subtitles in one VOB file. In fact, most TVs does not give support to the VOB format. Some TV can play the VOB container format but not with all included video codecs.

Simplest Way to convert and play VOB on TV

The best video format by TV is H.264 codec MP4 format. To viewing VOB files on Smart TV, we have to convert .vob to the best compatible format for TV, so that we can avoid video playback issues. Afterwards, put the new file on the external hard drive, then transfer to Televisions for playback without any extra effort. In order to perform this conversion task, I’ve used Dimo Video Converter Ultimate, which spells simplicity, efficiency and quality.