SAMSUNG HM160JI missing in Database, needs -v 9, halfminutes

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SAMSUNG HM160JI missing in Database, needs -v 9, halfminutes

Arno Wagner-2

I have one of these:

Device Model:     SAMSUNG HM160JI
Serial Number:    S0KXJD0P400253
Firmware Version: AD100-16
User Capacity:    160,041,885,696 bytes

and it displays attribute 9 in half-minutes.

   smartctl -a -v 9,halfminutes /dev/sda

dislays attribute 9 correctly. I have verified the time
by runing a short SMART selftest, which states the
powet-on hours in the selftest log correctly.

Please add to the database.

Arno Wagner, Dr. sc. techn., Dipl. Inform., CISSP -- Email: [hidden email]
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