Transfer Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to iMovie and Final Cut Express for editing

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Transfer Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to iMovie and Final Cut Express for editing

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Nikon D500 is a hot DSLR camera that released not long ago, it is very popular since it unveiled. The Nikon D500 used EXPEED 5 image processor and a 20.9MP CMOS sensor, Nikon D500 appeals to both still and video shooters with its fast 10 fps continuous shooting rate and UHD 4K video recording abilities, you can use it to record UHD 4K videos at 30, 25, and 24 fps frame rates in MPEG4-AVC/H.264 and Full HD/HD recording at up to 60 fps in MOV.


If you got the Nikon D500 and recorded some UHD 4K videos, and tried to import the Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to iMovie/FCE, you must have found that the Nikon D500 4K MPEG4-AVC/H.264 files can't be edited smoothly by iMovie or Final Cut Express, what's the reason? Because the UHD 4K videos recorded by Nikon D500 are not in iMovie/FCE native supported format. From iMovie and FCE product page you will know that AIC MOV is the native supported format. So, if your videos are in other formats, then these videos will not be well supported by iiMovie/FCE.

In this case, the best workflow to edit Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos with iMovie/Final Cut Express is to convert Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to AIC MOV, this method will help you solve the Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to iMovie/FCE importing and editing issues, and you can edit Nikon D500 4K vidoe files with iMovie/FCE with native supported AIC MOV.

Convert Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to AIC MOV for iMovie/FCE editing

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The best software to convert Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to iMovie/FCE supported format is UFUWare HD Video Converter for Mac, this is the best 4K Video Converter on the market, it can convert Nikon D500 4K videos, MOV videos and other HD videos to iMovie/FCE native supported AIC MOV, such as convert H.264 MP4 to iMovie/FCE, convert MXF to iMovie/FCE, convert XAVC/XAVC S to iMovie/FCE. Besides AIC codec, it has many optimized formats for editing programs, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, etc. with this Nikon D500 to iMovie/FCE Converter you don't need to worry about any video editing or playback issues anymore.


Step 1. Add the Nikon D500 UHD 4K video files

Download and install UFUWare HD Video Converter as the Nikon D500 to iMovie/FCE Converter on your computer, run it you will see the main interface. And then click the "Add File" button to import your UHD 4K videos from Nikon D500 camera directly.


Tip: You can click "Add from folder" button to import several files to the converter at one time.

Step 2. Choose iMovie/FCE supported format for export.

Click the "Profile" bar to get the drop-down menu, and select "iMovie and Final Cut Express > Apple Intermediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov)" as target format. The AIC is the best navtive code for editing in iMovie/FCE.

Step 3. Start the Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to AIC conversion


Click "Convert" button on the Nikon D500 4K videos to AIC Converter, and the professional converter willconvert Nikon D500 UHD 4K videos to AIC codec MOV for iMovie/FCE on Mac immediately with best video and audio quality.

After the Nikon D500 4K video to AIC conversion process is completed, click on "Open Folder" button to get the generated AIC .mov files. Then load the converted Nikon D500 UHD 4K video files to iMovie 8/9/11/13 or Final Cut Express for native editing on Mac OS(Sierra, El Capitan, etc).

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